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It's a mechafun report as I talk about the Moonkin festival vs a new streaming service, the 15th Anniversary Event, Classic's next phase, a new Darkmoon arcade and clarification on the Collector's Edition for Shadowlands! Tune in to the report now! Visit the website at or email us at Frazley Report is part of Dragon Powered Studio.Support Frazley ReportLinks:The 15-year Anniversary Event Guide Has Arrived - News - Icy Veins ForumsInvincible, Ashes, Fire Hawk, Infinite Timereaver - Obtainable in 15 Anniversary Timewalking - Wowhead NewsRaiding Expectations for the Holiday Season - Patch 8.3 and Ny'alotha Live Next Year - MMO-ChampionClassic Phase 2 Arrives November 12th - Wowhead NewsEarnings Call - WoW Classic: Biggest Quarterly Increase in Subs in History - MMO-ChampionPlay Darkmoon Arcade Games in Patch 8.3 - News - Icy Veins ForumsPurchasing a WoW Shadowlands Collector's Editions Will Refund A Digital Version - Wowhead News

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