Classic Launch Imminent

WoW Classic is imminent! I cover some of the big news I saw that came out. I finish off with some stories about Current WoW. Visit the website at or email us at Frazley Report is part of Dragon Powered Studio.Support Frazley ReportLinks:Firemaw and Flamegor Now Full - WoW Classic Realm Population Updates for August 25th - Wowhead NewsClassic WoW Raid Reset Days and Schedule - Wowhead NewsPlayer Caps for Classic WoW Dungeons - Wowhead NewsBlizzard Addressed Layering Concerns - News - Icy Veins ForumsClassic WoW Phase Loot Clarifications and Confusion - Thunderfury Bindings Available at Launch - Wowhead NewsClassic LFG Addon to Be Limited by Blizzard - News - Icy Veins ForumsClassic WoW AMA Recap: August 20th - News - Icy Veins ForumsArtifact Knowledge Will Increase Until October 1st - Wowhead News

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