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This report covers the Classic Name Reservations; Final Wing of LFR is open; Exclusive Bees; Free T-Shirt Day; Character Boosts to Inactive Players and the New Mounts. Visit the website at or email us at Frazley Report is part of Dragon Powered Studio.Support Frazley ReportLinks:Azshara's Eternal Raid Palace Release Content Schedule - News - Icy Veins ForumsHoneyback Harvester (Bee Mount) is Alliance-Exclusive - News - Icy Veins ForumsBlizzard Sending Out Level 100 Boosts to Inactive Accounts - News - Icy Veins ForumsWoW 15th Anniversary Returning Gift - Free Level 100 Character Boost to Inactive Accounts - Wowhead NewsWoW 15th Anniversary Alabaster Mounts Now on Sale In Blizzard Shop - Wowhead News

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