Howling About 8.2.5 PTR

So much news about 8.2.5 PTR. I tried to give a brief synopsis of some of the big points, talked about the physical authenticators, as well as give an update on WoW Classic. Visit the website at or email us at Frazley Report is part of Dragon Powered Studio.Support Frazley ReportLinks:8.2.5 PTR Build 31337 Is Available for Download - Wowhead News8.2.5 PTR Development Notes - Worgen and Goblin Model Updates, Firelands Timewalking, Bee Mount - Wowhead NewsBlizzard No Longer Manufactures Physical Authenticators - Wowhead NewsPTR Patch 8.2.5 Build 31337 - Log in to WoW With Your Phone? - Wowhead NewsWoW Classic Pre-Launch Test 11:00 a.m. PDT August 8 and Minimum Specs - MMO-Champion

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